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C.O.S.A. will recommend utilization of Dolphin Practice Management as well as Dolphin Imaging through Dolphin Cloud to monitor both scheduling, financial and diagnostic imaging/ treatment planning in all branches of the management company.
Dolphin Management and Imaging have been utilized in the past 8 years with one of the C.O.S.A. partner. C.O.S.A. partner can also offer free consultation and training to the management staff running the clinic for the day-to-day operation to streamline monitoring not only treatment plans but also scheduling, billing, financials.
Any new cases will be directly monitored, treatment planned and supervised by C.O.S.A.
C.O.S.A and its associates will start these cases together (starting from initial exam, diagnostic and treatment planning, VTO, consultation, and initial placement of appliances until the first check up visit). Any subsequent visit will be seen by the associate with monthly monitoring on progress either remotely OR in person by C.O.S.A.

Yearly progress will be discussed to decide treatment progress OR if there is any minor modification in treatment.
During finishing and detailing, C.O.S.A. will help directly to give advise as well as to ensure 99-100% excellent board quality finish in almost every case.
C.O.S.A. will advise the management clinic when the optimal capacity of each clinic per doctor/provider has been reached (usually about 60 patients per day), this will ensure quality and continuation of treatment.
With TMS, C.O.S.A. will break the myth that a managed corporate group practice deliver substandard orthodontic care. On the contrary, with hosting everything under one roof, C.O.S.A. will make sure difficult cases can be done on interdisciplinary manner.